Frequently Asked Questions

How are my plants shipped?

Our plants are carefully packaged and shipped to you to arrive in happy, healthy condition. While we cannot know what adventures they may find during shipping, we pack them to keep them safe during their trip to their new home.

Most plants are shipped in their grow pot. This allows for reducing their stress and potential shock that might happen if they are transplanted to a new pot just prior to shipping. (see note below on repotting.)

We ship via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. We will notify you as to the carrier and the shipping details.

Should I repot my plants when they arrive?

We recommend giving your new plants time to acclimate to its new environment before making changes to its pot. Place the plant where you plan to keep it and give it about two weeks to settle in and get comfortable. You may put the plant, nursery container and all, in the pot you intend to transplant it into for convenience. Just don’t actually repot it yet.

After the adjustment time (about 2 weeks) you should be able to safely transplant your new plant. However, if the plant has a little room to grow, you can leave it in the nursery container until it outgrows it.

Can I send a plant as a gift?

Yes! Plants make very welcome gifts. For gifts, you have two options. You may ask us to ship directly to your recipient or send a gift certificate and your friend can select their own. Either way, we’ll make sure they receive proper care instructions and an e-card announcing your gift. Just make sure we have all of the contact information for your friend.

I need advice on caring for my plants

We are here to help! Our blog, HOUSEPLANTJOY.COM  offers a wealth of information on most types of plants. For specific questions or additional support, you may contact us at: We reply as quickly as possible, usually within one business day. You may also contact us via HousePlantJoy, Facebook

Why does my plant look different from the photos on the website?

Live plants are living individuals and thus will have some variations in color and size. We make every effort to show the type of each variety, but because of the individuality, your plant may show some subtle differences.

My plant was damaged during shipping. What should i do?

We guarantee your plants will arrive happy and healthy. Some signs of stress from shipping are common, but if the damage is more than a minor blemish, please contact us. We do require proof of the damage in the form of photos and this will also help us improve our future packaging and transportation. 

My plant seemed healthy on arrival but now is not doing so well. Can you help?

We will be happy to help you figure out the possible problem and offer tips and solutions. Please email us at Include photos and details.

Do you accept larger orders?

Yes, we can accommodate larger orders. In fact, we’ll work with you for planning events such as corporate gifting, family reunions, and weddings. Contact us at:  and let us help you plan accordingly.

We also offer quantity discounts for orders over $100.

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